How are Still Profitable In 5 Years Time?

Many entrepreneurs, such as myself, have created a number of websites designed to make money, but with more and more people coming online everyday, and the competition in the various different niches increasing all the time, how can you ensure that your websites will still be around, and more importantly making money, in 5 years time?
Well I’ve come up with 7 ways you can secure long term profits for your various websites:
1. Keep Building Links To Your Site For SEO Purposes.
There are a number of ways you can get traffic to your websites, but nothing beats the free targeted traffic that you can get from ranking highly in the search engines for various keywords. Therefore, …

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Results of the Antolinez Family Experiment

In only 10 days I got results for the experiment that tried to detect Goog penalization. It turned out that 2 domains are penalized with a -20 fall.
The other result refers to the extent of indexation. It seems that penalized sites receive only superficial indexation. For instance, if a site is well indexed, all the word strings will be indexed, and searching for phrases within quotes will find them. If the site is badly indexed due to penalization, only individual words will be indexed, and the strings will not be detected. Interesting…
The other result is that penalization covers all subjects, even those unrelated to the main one. For instance, a domain penalized for duplicate content …

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5 Simple Ways To Attract New Visitors By Shifting Your Web Topic Focus

Most SEO professionals learn about the value of writing „keyword rich“ content that usefully relates to their product or service that they’re offering online. If you sell insurance of some type you probably have thought of keyword phrases related to „insurance quotes.“ If you sell health products you have probably thought about attracting the more health conscious crowd to your Web site with vitamin or supplement related keyword phrases. But here is a question….How many of us really learn to explore the „search interests“ of entirely new audiences for our Web site?
Think about „topic interests“ which compliment your specific product or service, you may have a few ideas that come to mind but eventually you …

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How to Use Negative Keywords

What does negative keyword mean? Negative keywords are a special breed when performing keyword matching — with negative keywords an advertiser can control when to display their advertisements and when not to. By adding negative keywords to your Google ad words campaign, your specific ads will not be displayed for those search terms that you have negated. As an example, if you add the negative keyword -round pots, then your advertisements will not be shown whenever a user uses a search term that contains „round pots“.
Adding negative keywords to your ad campaign is simple. It is the same as adding regular keywords, however, for negative keywords, simply place a negative sign (-) prior to the …

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How To Generate A FLOOD Of Free Website Traffic

When I look back on my 12 years of being „an Internet marketer“ one topic has earned me more money, and caused more online marketers incredible frustration, than any other.
That topic is actually getting visitors to your website and converting those visitors into customers.
The great fact is that without website visitors you really AREN’T in business.
This whole traffic generation „thing“ is incredibly simple though. You just need to identify where a LOT of your ideal customers are, and then you need to be highly visible there.
Your website visitors, and future customers, find you by following links sprinkled across the web. So, the secret is to get your links in all the right places.
Since time is …

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Duplicate content penalty – A myth or a reality

The SEO industry, for years, has been plagued by lack of consistency when it comes to information; information pertaining to terms and definitions and ‚duplicate content penalty‘ is no exception. The mystery surrounding duplicate content penalty has been the ‚bone of contention‘ ever since it the term surfaced in the online arena. If it exists, what would actually qualify to be deemed as duplicate content and how the penalty works, are questions that have largely gone unanswered or shrouded with ambiguity.
The concept,

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Seo Blogging Software Reviewed

Seo blogging software was usually hard to find and not much to write home about. That has all changed with the release of the easy seo blogging software known as Firepow.
There are a number of ways that this innovative blogging software helps with search engine optimization or SEO.
Firstly, there are customized themes already in the program that have been specifically formatted to help with your rankings in the search engines.
Secondly, you don’t actually need to know any html or how to create a website as you can install a blog with just a few mouse clicks.
Thirdly, it is the ultimate traffic tool. It will help you to automatically build links to your site, drive targetted …

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Some Keys to Get Good Backlinks For Your Site

When it comes to getting good rankings, or even semi-good rankings, in the search engines one of the most underutilized strategies is that of getting backlinks to your site or blog. The sad thing about that is, getting links to your site is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do to raise your position in the search engines and to benefit from the traffic that will provide.
It’s long been known that getting these backlinks, particularly those of only a one way variety, is the key to many people’s success in the search engines and there are very good reasons it is.
The backlinks to your site, for one, tell the search engines …

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