What are the 7 Keyword Secrets to Rank Your Page No1 in Google ?

In this article, we show you the 7 keyword secrets to rank in the first google,s page.
Like it or not, here are the facts:
1.According to forrester research 93% of consumer’s worldwide use search engine to locate web site.
2.According to user survey.com, 85 % of qualified web traffic is driven through search engines. 75% of search engine traffic never scroll past the first page of results.
3.Google is the number one search engine worldwide.
Yahoo , bing and msn are search engines as well, but you have to focuss to google knowing the above factors. and oftenly when your page rank high in google, it appears in msn and bing as well.
Knowing these facts, do you have the …

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The Other Side of the Google – Google Tools

When most of us think of Google, we tend to focus almost exclusively on the Google search engine. If we are bloggers or online marketers one of our primary concerns is optimizing our websites to rank high in the Google search results in order to drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs. You should be aware though that Google has a wealth of inbound marketing tools, that largely go unnoticed, that can help you drive more traffic to your sites for both free and paid marketing. I’m talking about tools like Google Adwords, Google Places, Google News, Google Reader, Google Alerts, the Google+ Social Network, Google Analytics, and Google Docs to name …

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Tips for Effective Keyword Research

SEO Toronto is a technique that is used to enhance a website’s visibility in results of a search engine. A company’s SEO plan includes what search engine is used by its target users, how that search engine works, what the targeted users search for and what exact terms they type in for their search. Different searches like video search, image search, news search and local search are targeted for SEO purposes. Read on to know what keyword research is and how it should be carried out.
What are keywords?
SEO Toronto helps in increasing the relevance of a website to precise keywords. Keywords are those terms that are typed in by target users to carry out their …

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The 11 SEO Golden Rules for Stay On Top or get Organic Ranking

These days Organic SEO is very challenging effort to all Webmasters & SEO Services Provider Professional as well as SEO Services Company. Over the past few year we have seen a vast amount of advances within the internet industry, we’ve seen the Google panda update, caffiene update, Twitter buying TweetDeck and the launch of Google+ and Google+business page.
Normally Google is so busy over the past year with the panda updates and Google+, the search results aren’t what they used to be. few days ago Google also introduced Search plus Your World(see here:sepromotion.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/introducing-google-search-plus-your-world/), a new Google search experience centered around people. For the first time ever, we will be able to find personal results from our …

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Three misconceptions of SEO

Search engine optimization can easily be misunderstood.
When selecting a company to run your SEO program, it’s important to do your homework, not just on the company you’re considering, but on the basics of what makes the process works.
Here are three misconceptions of search engine optimization and how to overcome them.
SEO doesn’t happen quickly – So many times, a client wants to be No. 1 on Google. And they want to happen fast. Unless you buy Google-sponsored ad words, it takes a while to move up Google’s search ranking tools.
„Although very elusive and not completely understood, many SEO experts believe that there is a „sandbox“ for new websites that Google indexes,“ industry blogger Chris Hayes writes. …

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Increase Your Rankings with Search Engine Optimization Strategies

SEO is one of the prevalent challenges that every online business website is facing today. Everyone wants to be the so called number one in the search engine results. They need to incorporate some very simple SEO strategies into their website to achieve their goal.
The ranking totally depends on grouping relevant information and highlighting them in a manner that it clearly reaches the reader. You need to provide related and appropriate information throughout your website. How to achieve this?
EBriks is a website that helps you do it with much ease. You have to use related keywords all through the website and also should use internal linking strategy based on contextual architecture such as the Wikipedia. …

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Social media for beginners- Learn how to increase traffic

Social media is fantastic. You can take advantage of the many available tools. You are probably familiar with Facebook, Twitter, myspace, etc.
Social networks have expanded a lot since their introduction. The online world is growing and unless you master these tools, you may stay behind. There are several ways to get your word out there. You do not even have to struggle. Below you will find generalities and important considerations.
Leadership for internet marketers also have other useful skills incorporated apart from helping you grasp marketing skills. For instance, you will learn how to make your own website and how to make updates and maintenance activities. Keywords are crucial where you want your website to be …

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Keep Fresh Content On Your Website

Over the past few years, Google has revamped their search engine algorithm, or the way they rank websites when indexing every site. On average, Google will roll out a new algorithm each year, then make changes to it as they see it fits. It’s important for business owners and SEO’s alike, to pay close attention to these changes, as if focused on properly, you’ll be able to stay ahead with the latest changes and tips.
Relevant content has been an important aspect of SEO for years, though with the latest algorithm update, it is now more important than ever to start paying attention. Relevant content is simply defined as content that is useful to the viewer, …

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